Mario – The Most Popular Video Game Character

Mario Mario is claimed to be the most famous video game character ever, and it cannot be denied that he is. The widespread popularity of the game is unmistakable in terms of statistics as well, as over 210 million copies of Mario franchise games have been sold, something that has remained unsurpassed to this day. The character was created by Nintendo’s world-famous video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Who is Mario?

Mario went on to become Nintendo’s mascot and made an appearance in more than 200 games besides being the protagonist of the franchise by his name. He has been illustrated as a short, tubby, Italian plumber who is the resident of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is easily recognizable for his red cap, the mustache, his mushrooms and his plumbing skills. His primary job is to rescue Princess Peach from the villain, Bowser of Koopa. His other rivals include Wario and Donkey Kong.

Initially, Mario appeared in games as a 2D sprite. It was in the later games that he took the 3D form. Mario also made appearances as Baby Mario in a few games. This included the 1995 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, the Nintendo sports games, Yoshi’s Island DS and Mario & Luigi: Partners.

Origin of Mario

Miyamoto was working on Donkey Kong trying to create a best-seller for Nintendo when he created the character of Mario. Miyamoto’s previous titles such as Sheriff has not been able to achieve the same level of success as the big games like Pac-Man. Interestingly, the first name for Mario was “Mr. Video”, and the talented designer wanted to use him in every game he developed.

Jumping Capabilities

Mario can jump both for making an offensive move and to access places. In fact, he was named “Jumpman” when Miyamoto was developing Donkey Kong. Jumping is a common part of the gameplay in all Mario games.

Jumping to Attack – Mario can jump and stomp smaller enemies to crush them. In the case of a larger enemy, the jump attack can cause damage to them. Mario using the jump attack to knock out the Koopa Troopas is a common sight in Mario games. They can then also be used by Mario as weapons to attack other enemies.

Spin-Jump – In Super Mario World, Nintendo gave Mario the capability to spin-jump. This enabled him to break the blocks under him.

Back-Flip – When Nintendo released the Donkey Kong: Game Boy, the introduced Mario with higher jumping capabilities. He could make successive jumps and even do a back-flip.

Wall Jump – Nintendo gave Wall Jump capabilities to Mario in Super Mario 64. He could propel up by kicking the walls. The other capabilities in this game included, the ground pound and the sideways somersault.

Occupation and Roles

Mario’s primary occupation is that of a plumber. However, he wears different professional gowns in different games.

Carpenter – Nintendo introduced him as a carpenter in the original Donkey Kong games.

Physician – The series of puzzle games titled Dr. Mario, released in 1990 saw Mario appear as a physician.

Archaeologist – The Mario’s Picross game for Game Boy saw the favorite character stepping into the boots of an archaeologist.

Businessman – Then, the Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis game saw him appear as the head of a toy manufacturing company.

In Miyamoto’s words, Mario is the favorite character of the legendary video game designer. He is also the favorite hero of Nintendo Power. There is almost no other character in video game history that has been so much popular not only among so many people, but among so many generations of players.